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Car Dealership - An Efficient Car Booking System

Deals on Wheels, Oakville Canada had a sales problem. The management was using various other platforms to sell and book cars to customers but they did not get any user data in return. Furthermore, they had to pay monthly charges to all those different platforms used. Hence, the cost per sale was high. They wanted their own car dealership website.

When the challenge was presented to our team, we had three goals in mind: a) Make it easy for users to search for cars they loved with all the relevant information, b) Help users compare similar cars feature by feature to help them make the right choice, and c) Increase dealership sales through the website.

In the initial weeks, we went on about our usual design process internally in order to come up with solutions to achieve user goals. Various options were put under consideration and the best one finalized.

Ultimately, we outdid ourselves in achieving these goals as sales from the website skyrocketed in a few weeks while the management having all user data with themselves. Furthermore, customer experience score for the dealership also went up with rave reviews from customers at the time of purchase.

Skills used
Entire Car Booking System
Usability & Customer Experience
Interface Design
Analytics & User Insights
Web Development Skills

he management at Deals on Wheels, Oakville had a vision where their customers could compare and purchase their cars online – from the company’s own website. One of the first things to do was to create an efficient car management dashboard from where car models, price, etc. and all other details could be entered.

The data alignment was super-critical as the system had to compare various features in different cars. We structured the website in such way that same features could be entered for 100s of cars so that the user can easily access the list of features from the website and compare cars based upon his/her own preferences.

The comparison model worked great as we soon realized that users wanted to find different features in a car but in the past, they had to search on Google or visit various websites before they could actually find more about the car itself. This was a bad customer experience that needed to be fixed.

A search engine was further integrated into the website in order to make sure that the customers can find what they’re looking for with ease. The data structure again helped here as the user could easily find cars they loved. The extensive search module consists of variables including Model, Make, Year, Condition, Miles Driven, etc. so that the user could filter down his/her search based upon need.

Lastly, for better engagement, a chat was also created to make communication with the company at one click. With built-in features based upon the market needs, the website proved to be a great success and allowed Deals on Wheels, Oakville to embark on their digital journey with ease.

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