e-commerce innovation

Revolutionizing Online Shopping

When we started working for Baskyt, the challenge was obvious: an easy to enter market and there are a plethora of Shopping Applications that are easily available off the shelf. We needed to creatively differentiate.

That is where our tried & tested Design Thinking process – an inspiration from IBM Loop methodology comes into place. We went about reflecting back at our experience with e-commerce of over 4 years, worked with various data points for real customers, and asked questions, not only to the customers but from different domains within our teams as well. As an outcome, we came up with some amazingly creative ideas to prototype and develop.

Skills used
Usability & Customer Experience
Design Thinking
Databases & Personalization - Ongoing
App Development Skills
Payment Gateway Integration

e’re revolutionizing the way people shop. Baskyt is an innovative shopping application for instant food & grocery delivery with an intense focus on social commerce.

A simplistic application that allows users to buy in groups. When the idea for Baskyt came along and it was finalized that we were to work on this project, we wanted to bring something innovative to the market. Baskyt is not just a simple delivery app. It allows you to shop along with thousands of other users. You can choose to join open groups or invite your friends to form Squads. Because, well, during these testing Covid times, who wants to shop alone?

The future is really huge with Baskyt. We’re coming up with amazing features that will allow customers to do a lot more from within the app.

Along with the customer application, a version has been created for the Delivery Personnel as well in order to make the shopping process as simple as possible. The shoppers receive orders in real-time, visit their nearest shop/cafe, pick up the food and deliver to the customer.

For payments, Stripe APIs have been integrated which makes the overall process extremely simple. Customers purchase using

their cards, whichever shopper receives the order gets the order amount debited into their Baskyt Card in real-time which makes it every so easy to process orders and payments. Ultimately, the payment is split between Baskyt and the Shopper right after the order – no delays.

Along with all of this, the application is continuously personalized for the customers based upon shopping behavior. The database has been structured in a way that promotes ease of finding the “right” products with ease for each individual customer. It has a great impact on the bottom line revenues.

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