Gamified learning application

Make Learning Fun Again

We believe people are inherently excited about learning & development. But along with intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation and rewards are also really important – and of course, a bit fun! That is why we coined the term: The Learning Currency. People who learn, can earn. They can spend their earnings on various rewards to be purchased.

With more Gen Z and Millennials making up organizations, the Digital needs of organizations are on an upwards trajectory. Therefore, we at Isaac’s Code have a vision that every organization needs to introduce a digital learning currency as a motivation for their employees to keep learning and growing having fun at the same time. The same holds true for schools and universities.


e’re making learning fun again.

A futuristic theme has been used in the app to motivate users to play and unlock various technologies of the future.

Gamifying the learning process, an organization’s employees will have to unlock rewards making it ever so exciting to learn. The levels and rewards will be unlocked by answering various MCQs – which can be in any Media (videos, text, images, etc.),

and completing tasks.

With all rewards to be controlled from the Admin Panel, it is ever so easier for the Learning & Development team to manage resources well.

To keep things competitive, individual users and teams will be able to view their current rank across the organization based upon the coins earned.

PTCL is Pakistan’s Largest Telecom Operator – owned

by Etisalat. We have developed the Gamification-Based Digital Learning Application for them so as to assist in launching their Corporate Values. The mobile application is a collaborative platform that allows users to learn about PTCL’s New Values and on the other hand, help PTCL Management to gain Employee Insights in terms of their knowledge of the values. The app is available on App Stores named VApp – The Future

The project is one of its kind and an innovative way of digitizing PTCL’s Learning efforts

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