a learning management system

A Learning Management System

The client here was not looking for any ordinary Learning Management System (LMS), but one that could cater to the corporate demand. Hence, the idea was to create a flexible LMS where courses are uploaded and licenses are issued to the corporate market.

The course content was of as much importance as anything else. In order to customize the content for user needs, our design team again had to sit together and figure out the best possible ways to make the hardcore corporate content easy to consume for users. We came up with different formats in which content is shared in this LMS and various ways in which the users’ skills are tested in order to give the corporate client a good understanding of where the employees stand.

Skills used
Usability & Customer Experience
Design Thinking
Databases & Personalization - Ongoing
App Development Skills
Payment Gateway Integration

earning Management Systems are most readily available online and off the shelf and hence, they’re more or less similar. The client for this LMS wanted to target an untapped market where corporate clients, with their specific needs, would use this LMS to develop their employees. That is not always achievable with any regular LMS online.

While being simple, we wanted to make sure that the LMS tests the users’ understanding of a topic in different ways and reports those tests back to the Learning Management Team. They would then use the insights derived from the LMS as a part of their learning systems.

In order to achieve such a daunting task, we really got our creative juices going, and using our team’s expertise in Learning Management Systems, came up with various features and test formats that would help determine the level of user understanding of a given topic.

First of all, the admin was given full control in terms of creating different types of content for any given course. The content options available range from Videos to audible text and slides. In the future, a feature to create simulations within the system is being developed as well.

The LMS has also been set up in a very social manner. Users can communicate in groups as well as attempting tasks and MCQs individually. Users can join a course, comment on various sections and like / reply to comments by other people. However, a full-fledged chat feature is one we plan in integrating in the future.

The users can also view some tasks performed by each other in order to keep a sense of competition going on. This also gives users a broader perspective from various industries – in case they’re enrolled in a cross-company course.

Finally, various types of Polls and MCQs have been integrated into the LMS to make it more interactive for the learner.

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