A Floral website & shop

A Floral Heaven with an Impactful Website

The goal for EWM (Events with Mahvish) was to have as many event bookings as possible in her own Floral Shop Website. This was a whole new challenge as the conversion funneling for such a business needed a new perspective. The challenge: How to pique the interest of users in order for them to take action.

Our team started by researching global trends and looked across industries in order to find out what attracts users to take action on the website. We spoke with some of the business’ previous clients as well. What we found out was that looking at previous events, themes and floral arrangements made them build trust with the business. Hence, our main focus shifted towards the portfolio section. We highlighted past achievements of various types of events to make sure the user can view different types of floral arrangements before taking action. The outcome has been amazing as bookings from the website have increased drastically over the past 1 year.

Skills used
Usability & Customer Experience
Interface Design
Analytics & User Insights
Web Development Skills
Ecommerce Integration

ith EWM, our main focus had to do a lot with the how and where the visuals are to displayed. The moment a user enters the website, she needs to be able to instantly view prior work. This is exactly what we did by placing the portfolio section above any other – right at the first scroll down.

Furthermore, we used Microsoft’s Clarity in order to deeply understand user behavior through heatmaps and recorded sessions. Interestingly, the user wanted far more detail about an event as opposed to initially thought out, which is why we expanded upon the Portfolio section and created inner pages to give the

user an overall feel of the event. The inner page also had further recommendations for other events that had been covered by EWM so that to retain users on the website.

Furthermore, Google Analytics was integrated into the website in order to understand user behavior at a deeper level. Google Tags have been placed at different critical places while Goals have been set up in order to find out the flows that convert into goals: Bookings.

With the recent spike in online purchase demand, the website was also begging to have an e-commerce

section. We sat down with the client in order to understand what types of products can be made available to the user. We came with different ideas and locked the bouquets that can be standardized and easy to set up.

Overall, the project turned out to be a great success as bookings soured while e-commerce purchases are on the rise.

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